Focus on What You Want

Our thoughts are powerful. They can bring to fruition whatever we choose to focus on, good or bad. What we create in our lives, we first create in our minds.

A few years ago on a sunny afternoon, I finished up my grocery shopping and walked out of the store into the bright sunlight. In front of me were a dad and his two young daughters. The youngest was maybe 5 years old with long red hair, chubby little arms, and wearing a blue flowered sundress. She was absolutely adorable. Her dad leaned down and handed her a grocery bag. I could see through the plastic the outline of an egg carton.

“Don’t drop it. Do you hear me? Don’t drop the bag,” the dad warned the little girl. She nodded her head vigorously. I watched her trail along behind her dad and sister into the sun headed towards their car, her red hair shining.

And then she dropped the grocery bag. Her dad spun around yelling at her, reprimanding her. I could see shame and disappointment on the girl’s sweet freckled face, and I felt sad for her, disheartened by this scene.

I knew the child was going to drop the bag. It was practically inevitable. But why was this the case? How could I be so sure of how this scene would play out?

Aside from the fact that the girl was little and carrying something challenging for her size, the dad’s stern words of “don’t drop the bag” no doubt had the child intensely focused on just that – the idea of dropping the bag. I imagined her repeating the mantra to herself over and over.

What if her dad had said instead, “Hold onto the bag as tight as you can,” and had said it in an encouraging way. She would have focused on holding the bag, on accomplishing something. Rather than focusing on what she didn’t want to happen, she instead would have been focused on what she DID want to happen. Perhaps she still might have dropped the eggs, but I believe she would have had more of a fighting chance of making it across the parking lot.

When we think about something we don’t want, often that thing manifests in our lives because we are fixated on it. Shifting from the negative mind frame to the positive mind frame and focusing on what we DO want is more likely to manifest the good in our lives.

Thinking about something you do want allows you to visualize it and take steps to achieve it. It gives you a sense of confidence and incites action. Instead of thinking, “Don’t drop this. Don’t screw this up,” think to yourself, “Hold on tight. I can do this. I AM doing this.”

Focus on what you want for yourself rather than on what you don’t want.


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9 thoughts on “Focus on What You Want

  1. You are SO right! What an inspiring way to look at things…great perspective. I so need to do this as I focus on my goals. I keep telling myself ‘you better not screw this up’ when I should just say ‘keep fighting’. I needed to hear this tonight…thank you.

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  2. This is a great post. I try to focus on the positive and what I can do, not what I can’t. Sometimes it is hard to do, but the outcome is usually better when I do. I felt sorry for the little girl from the get go, when you wrote what her dad said and that he gave her eggs. Why not give her something that it didn’t matter if she dropped? Sometimes, I just don’t get parents.

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  3. I love your blog and every post I’ve read so far.

    This post made me think about what I’d do with my daughter in that situation. Maybe instead of yelling at her he could have thanked her for her help and told her how well she had handled such a big task. Eggs are eggs. I don’t think yelling at her would have had a good effect.

    Nice post again.

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  4. I loved the post.
    I figured she would drop them too. I feel sorry for the girl. I imagine it bothered her deep inside.
    Experiences like this will stay with you for life.
    How people react to something you did. You may think this was such a little issue and all is forgotten.
    But later in life that experience may pop back into your head. Something triggers that memory back.
    And we say,” wow I haven’t thought about that since I was a kid.”
    Strange how life works out. I look at our brain as a computer of sorts. It stores memory. And sometimes you do a search. Sometimes you find it, sometimes not. And of it is a bad memory, sometimes our brain deletes it. Or block it out completely. ( I call that a safety feature ) Unless something triggers it.
    We store memories and thoughts.
    The dad should not have gave her the eggs. And then griped at her. That can make a person feel like thay can’t do anything right sometimes.
    So parents should be careful what and how they say things to their children. Other people too.
    My dad would always tell me to think before I speak.

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