Every Life Needs a Little Space

Every life needs a little space. It leaves room for good things to enter it.
– Sarah Addison Allen, “The Peach Keeper”

We fill our homes with stuff, our heads with worry, our hands with tasks, and our schedules with obligations. We all need space to breathe, think, and dream.

Have some space in your life – whether it’s a physical space to write or meditate; a space in your heart for new love or compassion; space in your calendar for activities you enjoy; or a space in your mind for creativity and ideas.

If you find that you don’t have the space that you need, create it. Do it for yourself.


In response to the 3-day Quote Challenge (Day 1)
I nominate the following bloggers for the 3-day quote challenge:

The Road to There
Music Teacher Lifestyle
Tippy Tales

If you accept, post 1-3 quotes for 3 consecutive days, and nominate 3 fellow bloggers to do the same each day.


6 thoughts on “Every Life Needs a Little Space

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