Blogging Recognition

I never anticipated a readership of any kind when I starting blogging.  There are so many talented writers in the blogosphere, so many voices. I am truly grateful that anyone glances at the words I put out there.  A huge THANK YOU to Brooke at The Utopia Universe for nominating me for the Blogging Recognition Award.


I have been writing since I was able, writing stories when I was a little kid and journaling since I was 12. I became interested in other things and lost my motivation to write for a while, but now I’m back at it and it’s a powerful thing. When I write, I can get the chaos of thoughts out of my head and make more sense of the world around me. I started my blog to recapture that. I think harder and deeper about life since I started blogging, and it is making me a more mindful person.

In my short time as a blogger (3 months), I have learned a couple of things:

1) Trust that inspiration will come to you. When you struggle to find the words, to say what you really want to say, go easy on yourself. Don’t force yourself to spit out words. I find that they come more easily and honestly when I give myself love and space.

2) Be open to new ideas, about yourself and your messages. Do not worry so much about falling into a certain subject-matter category and achieving a certain readership, but instead write what feels true to you.

I admit that I have not been exploring as many new blogs lately like I should. I am dedicated to my craft and envy those who show an almost daily commitment that I have yet to achieve. Here are the blogs/bloggers that I enjoy reading regularly and that I believe deserve recognition for their dedication, positive messaging, and/or their ability to write from the heart:

Spiritual Journey
Music Teacher Lifestyle
Writing the Girl
Tippy Tales
Making It Up As I Go
Greater Than Gravity
The Seeds 4 Life
Behind the White Coat
Books, Music, Photography, & Movies
Happy Days of Life

Thank you again! I am truly honored.
Love and Hugs



14 thoughts on “Blogging Recognition

  1. Awww. Thank you so much. I really appreciate the compliment. I’m not keeping up with my blogging as well as I should either. Trying to get better. I would like to at least do one post a week, but, sometimes, life makes that impossible.



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