Aiming Bad Energy

Some days are harder than others. We swing into dismal moods of gloom or anger and lash out at those around us. I am determined to spare those closest to me from the effects of my bad moods. I am determined to aim my negative energy elsewhere. And so I run.


Sometimes I just need to feel the breeze rushing around me as my feet propel me forward and my legs burn with determination. I need to leave the frustration, pain, fear, and worry behind me at the starting line. When I run I feel strong and free and more like myself, and the debilitating thoughts disintegrate.

Sometimes we feel stuck, frustrated, down, impatient, dissatisfied, and we project those feelings onto the people who deserve it the least – the ones we love. We snap and yell and say mean things, or we close ourselves off. We subject them to our hostility or somberness because they are close by and are therefore easy targets by proximity.

Life is enough of a struggle already without making it even harder on each other. We have to care for and nurture each other, and that means managing our own emotions. There are other directions in which we can aim our negative energy besides at the ones we love. There are other ways to dispel it.

And so I run…

Or write. Or talk it out. Or do yoga. Or watch something funny.

What do you do to overcome a bad mood?

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7 thoughts on “Aiming Bad Energy

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  2. After my husband passed away, I was in a deep depression for a couple of years. I finally gave in to taking an antidepressant, but didn’t want to stay on them long term, so I started running. And, in 6 months, I was able to get off of the meds and have been fine ever since. Another thing I do when I am in a bad mood is play the piano. That has always been my go to thing, since I was a teenager, many moons ago.

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    • I’m so glad you found something that has worked for you! I was never able to make working out a habit until I battled a small bout of depression a couple of years ago and realized how much of a difference it made me feel. Also, I’m envious that you can play the piano. I took lessons for a couple of years as a kid and always wished I had stuck with it.

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